Eva Longoria Has A New Boyfriend–And It's Not Eduardo Cruz!

Eva Longoria has a new man, and it’s not Eduardo Cruz as was previously reported!

A source told PEOPLE that the actress is dating a “wealthy, successful businessman from Mexico.”

The romance has left the 38-year-old Desperate Housewives star feeling blissful: “She’s very happy, and he’s crazy about her,” the source dished.

Longoria, who’s been married twice and been linked to high-profile men like Mark Sanchez and Ernesto Arguello, is reportedly not ready to reveal the identity of her new beau. 

Last week, reports emerged that Longoria was spotted having lunch with Eduardo Cruz, Penelope Cruz’s brother, in New York City.

Longoria was quick to deny those allegations on her Facebook and Twitter page...and now we know why! PEOPLE reports it was actually a case of mistaken identity: the Latina was actually cozying up to her new man.

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