Eva Longoria Laughs About Divorce

Eva Longoria isn’t taking the end of her show Desperate Housewives too seriously. In fact, this past week at the Television Critics Association (TCA) conference, she was full of quips to fight off her sentimental feelings about the eighth and final season of the hit series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Mexican-American actress talked about the show and how, “When we started eight years ago, TV changed so much. We got 25 million viewers, the critics loved it. But then we got some knocks. But kudos to Marc {Cherry} for pushing the envelope.”

Eva Longoria On Creating a Female “Entourage”

She reportedly held the hand of Ricardo Antonio Chavira, who plays her husband Carlos in the series, for half of the panel.

She didn’t have the hand of her ex-husband Tony Parker to hold, since they were divorced in 2010. The Huffington Post reports that co-star Felicity Huffman discussed her own character’s marital issues during the panel claiming that 60 percent of first marriages and 80 percent of second-time marriages end in divorce.

Eva Longoria: I Became “So Thin” After My Divorce

Longoria, who is currently dating Eduardo Cruz, then responded in a joking manner, “It gets higher?”

Luckily, she still has a good sense of humor.