Esai Morales Refelects On 'La Bamba' Co-Star Elizabeth Peña

Esai Morales Refelects On 'La Bamba' Co-Star Elizabeth Peña
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Hearts shattered across the nation when news of Elizabeth Peña's death broke earlier this week.

Following Peña's passing, Variety Latino reached out to her La Bamba co-star, Esai Morales, for comment.

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"Last time I saw her, we had our25th anniversary of La Bamba in Chicago with Lou [Diamond Phillips], myself and her, and we were doing a panel and screening of the movie. It was so good to see them, it was like the good old days, and I know that wherever she is, she’s going to make people laugh," Morales told Variety Latino.

"She was larger than life on so many levels, and it stuns me that she will not be here to reach out to."

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Variety Latino also asked Morales if he thought the late 55-year-old Cubana was one of the most underrated Latina actresses of all time. "She’s been described as prolific, but underrated? Absolutely," he said.

"There’s so much more to give, but it’s almost like this town doesn’t know where to put us or what to do with us and until we pass away and the outpouring of love comes out, I don’t know…I just hope we don’t all have to die before the rest of the world takes notice of how cherished some of us are."

You can read Esai Morales' full interview with Variety Latino here!