EXCLUSIVE: Erica Mena Talks 'Love & Hip Hop,' Jennifer Lopez and More!


Erica Mena has certainly made a name for herself. The fiery and feisty Latina on VH1's Love & Hip Hop has been proving she's a force to be reckoned with. And despite having a reputation for being "the crazy one" who's always ready for a fight, Mena is a real sweetheart.

We caught up with the reality star recently to talk Love & Hip Hop, her music career, her idol and more.

Catch our entire interview with the beautiful 26-year-old below:

Tell us, how have things changed for you since you’ve been part of Love & Hip Hop?

It gets crazier by the minute, but you know what, I’ve learned so much at the same time. It’s just one of those things you’ve got to take with life. I’m just taking advantage of everything. I love it -- even the craziness and the bad stuff that comes with it.

The craziness is also the fun stuff everybody loves to watch!

Yeah, but that makes it the catch 22 because it makes people, like you guys, nervous to meet me.

It actually makes it more interesting because you never know what to expect.

True! [laughs]

So Rich [Dollaz] is here with you, how have things been between the two of you?

Honestly, better. I think taking a break from the personal for us to really reflect on what we wanted to do business wise. Our faults and what we wanted to work on individually and together is definitely a priority now. He says it’s running like a smooth oil machine now.