Enrique Iglesias: 'My Worst Defect Is From The Waist Down'

Getty Images

Spanish crooner Enrique Iglesias got candid about his private affairs in a recent interview.

Talking to The New York Post about his hobbies during his downtime, Iglesias revealed that he loves to swim...in the nude.

“I go skinny-dipping if there are no paparazzi around,” he said. When the magazine asked the "Heart Attack” singer if he goes full frontal, he shared some personal information.

“I’m not going to tell you, because it would ruin my career. There’s not a lot to show. My worst defect is from my waist down. I’m sorry, no, that’s not my worst defect, but it is a little curved.”

This isn’t the first time Iglesias, 38, has opened up about private matters. In December, he revealed his best sexual position -- 69. “I started very young,” he said. “That was one of my first positions.”