Enrique Iglesias Does Vodka Shots to Conquer His Fear of Flying

Enrique Iglesias has always been fearful of traveling by air, but since experiencing that nasty flight scare back in October, his phobia has reportedly gotten worse. Now, the singer tells Blogamole that the only way he was able to handle the stress of that emergency landing was by kicking back a few shots of alcohol, a tactic that will probably serve him well going forward. His translated soundbite:

"The first thing I did was grab a bottle of vodka and I took a few shots, calming down a little bit...you're flying over the Atlantic and the pilot says we have a problem with one of the engines, we have to turn it off and there's the sound of the engine shutting down, it's a scary sound cause the engine at the time has at 80 percent power so you notice that the plane kind of pulled back a bit...it definitely was scary."

Of course, being the celebrity that he is, Enrique's still got to do a fair share of jet-setting around the world! Especially now that his greatest hits album just dropped...so what's a pop superstar to do? We say keep drinking, Enrique! Responsibly, of course.