Emilio Estefan: William Levy is Not Right to Play Me (EXCLUSIVE)

We’ve been following your collaborations with Target for some time now. How did Monster come into the picture?

I was always frustrated when I’d use headphones while listening to Latin music because they were made especially to enjoy hip-hop music. Monster was looking for someone with the right background to create headphones that would allow fans to listen to Latin music in a unique way made especially for them.  By changing the equalization on these headphones, you can hear the percussion, guitars, trumpets, and piano. No matter what Latin American country you come from, the instruments used to make music are the same.

As the creator of these headphones, what are your favorite songs to hear when you are wearing them? We know your wife Gloria Estefan has to be on that list somewhere!

When you listen to Selena, Shakira, or Jennifer Lopez, my God, the sound is amazing! From Gloria I love to hear “Con Los Años Que Me Quedan” because it has guitar, percussion and strong vocals.

We heard recently that William Levy would like to play you in the Broadway play based on you and Gloria’s life. Is that happening?

He is a very good friend of mine but do you think he looks like me? [laughs] He’s very handsome and I love him but I would love to see the role be played by someone who looks like and has an accent similar to me.