Emilio Estefan: William Levy is Not Right to Play Me (EXCLUSIVE)

What can you tell us about the play?

We really want the play to cover our story- leaving our country and all the rejections that helped us arrive where we are today. This is a theme that a lot of people can identify with-- the search for the American dream. We’d like to inspire people. Look at all I have been able to accomplish even with my heavy accent!

Gloria and I were two poor kids who played music for tips. Today, we have performed for six different presidents, produce for three Olympics, three Super Bowls, and now I even have my own headphones. I have a beautiful family and I’ve been married for 35 years. I have no complaints.

Shakira has come along way since the early days when you two started working together. Do you have any advice for her now that she is a new mom?

Shakira is a wonderful girl and I love her. She has always wanted to have a family so her son is the icing on the cake that she deserves. My advice to her is the same that I give to my son Nayib who became a dad last year. Be patient and get your sleep while the baby is asleep. Sleep with them.

Are you hoping your grandson follows in you and Gloria’s musical footsteps?

He already sings with Gloria! He still doesn’t talk but when he hears Gloria sing, he sings with her.

Will you be picking up a pair of headphones? Who should play Emilio in the Broadway play? Share in the comments!