Elizabeth Taylor's History with Mexico

Elizabeth Taylor loved many things in her full life (1932-2011), including men, diamonds and Mexico. She fell in love with Mexico as much for its tropical climate as for the escape it provided her from Hollywood. She got married in Acapulco, filmed in Cuernavaca and had a home with Richard Burton in Puerto Vallarta.

As a matter of fact, Elizabeth Taylor helped put Mexico (and most specifically, Puerto Vallarta) on the map as a tourist destination. So we decided to honor the death of iconic Ms. Elizabeth Taylor with a look at the memories she made during her many trips south of the border:

1. Elizabeth Taylor: Wedding to Todd

Elizabeth Taylor (far left) married her third husband, producer Mike Todd, in a civil service performed by the Acapulco Mayor Mario Lopetequi on February 3, 1957. The simple ceremony was attended by (from left) Enrique Parra, Debbie Reynolds, Mike Todd, Jr., Eddie Fisher and Mario 'Cantinflas' Moreno. This was the only one of Taylor's eight marriages to not end in divorce. Todd was killed when his private plane Lucky Liz crashed in New Mexico on March 22, 1958.

2. Elizabeth Taylor: Casa Kimberley

Casa Kimberley was the $40,000 villa Richard Burton bought Taylor in the 1960s when she accompanied him to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico while he filmed The Night of the Iguana. The small fishing village of Puerto Vallarta was put on the tourist map by the film and by Burton and Taylor's frequent trips to their home. Casa Kimberley's seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms were not enough for the tumultuous pair. They built another villa across the street and connected the two with a pink bridge inspired by Venice's Bridge of Sighs. It was widely reported that Taylor would banish Burton to his 'doghouse' across the bridge when he was behaving badly.

Taylor owned the four-story home until 1990. She sold the home with all its furnishings and belongings, including her clothes in the closet and personal pictures on the walls. The new owners turned Casa Kimberley into a bed and breakfast while also allowing for tours until recently when they sold the complex to make way for fancy condos.

3. Elizabeth Taylor: Christmas Charity

During the Christmas holiday of 1963, Taylor and her longtime love Richard Burton (not pictured) distributed clothing and toys to over 400 needy adults and children in Puerto Vallarta.

4. Elizabeth Taylor: Hammersmith is Out

Taylor is seen here filming Hammersmith is Out in Cuernavaca, Mexico on May 8, 1971. The comedy, also starring Richard Burton and Beau Bridges, took place in Texas but was filmed entirely in Mexico.

5. Elizabeth Taylor: Mexico City

A mere four months before their first divorce in June of 1974, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were honored by President Luis Echeverria Alvarez on the grounds of his Mexico City presidential house.

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