Elizabeth Gutiérrez Hints At Reconciliation with William Levy

Looks like you can add William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez to the long list of dramatic Latino celeb relationships!  After the couple split earlier this year, with Elizabeth’s press release to media indicating that she would no longer put up with his cheating ways, rumors have plagued them.

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The Mexican-American actress, who dated the Triunfo del Amor star for eight years, finally opened up about her relationship with Levy in an exclusive interview with Univision’s Sal y Pimienta show.  “I’m his partner, the mother of his kids, the 32-year-old told Rodner Figueroa “We are in process–our relationship has always been very intense because we love one another immensely, we both have very strong personalities.” Last month, we reported that sources close to the Cuban actor claimed that the couple had gotten back together and according to Gutiérrez, she and Levy will never be completely separated because of their two children and strong love for one another.

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Rumors of Levy’s alleged infidelity have reached far in wide and he’s been linked with everyone from a producers 19-year-old daughter, to his leading ladies Maite Perroni and Barbara Mori.  When confronted about seeing Levy’s face plastered on the tabloids, Gutiérrez admits it’s not easy.  “In the beginning it drove me crazy.  I would look at the magazines and call him complaining,” she said.  “Poor thing, because in addition to struggling with the press, he has to come home and struggle with a crazy woman!”

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As far as reconciliation between the two, Gutiérrez said one never knows.  “The love we have for one another has always united us,” she said.  “Many times we have said ‘That’s enough!’, but truly we love one another and we’ve always been honest.”