Everything We Know About Elena of Avalor (So Far!)

We strongly believe that there's actually a 7-year-old little girl living inside of us because we are too excited for Elena's royal debut. The first Latina Disney Princess is coming to your TV screen this week, and we wanted to get you a bit more acquainted with our new fave princess.

Here's everything we know about Elena of Avalor so far:

1. Elena of Avalor Facts: Aimee Carrero, Voice

1. Her full name is Elena Castillo Flores

Elena is the first Latina Disney Princess, and she was first introduced to the world in January 2015. Her Disney Channel series, Elena of Avalor, will tell the story of how Elena Castillo Flores — a brave and adventurous teenager — saved her kingdom from evil and must learn to rule as crown princess before she can become queen. Elena lives with her grandparents and little sister Isabel, and reminds us of how important family is to Latinos.

The series will incorporate influences from diverse Latin and Hispanic cultures, and will feature an array of Latin music styles including salsa, banda and Chilean hip-hop. Elena will be brought to life by Dominican and Puerto Rican actress Aimee Carrero.

2. Elena of Avalor Facts: Little Sister Isabel, Voice by Jenna Ortega

2. Elena isn't an only child

Meet Elena's younger sister, Isabel. Voiced by Jane the Virgin star, Jenna Ortega, the adorable Isabel is described as brilliant and tomboyish. "Being able to play a Disney princess is a dream come true. It is even cooler because she is Latina, so little Hispanic girls like me can finally relate to a Disney princess," Ortega told us. "I am so honored they picked me to be a part of the cast of Elena of Avalor."

3. Elena of Avalor Facts: Sofia the First Spinoff

3. Elena of Avalor is tied to Sofia the First

Later this year, fans will find out the deep-rooted connection between Princess Sofia, Princess Elena and her magical amulet in a special Disney Channel TV movie.

4. Elena of Avalor Facts: Theme Song

4. Elena of Avalor's theme song is sung by Gaby Moreno

Elena's theme song is a fusion of different Latin musical genres that only Grammy-nominated Gaby Moreno could brilliantly bring to life. It's sure to have every child dancing along in front of their screens (we know we are). Listen! And make sure to watch the premiere of Elena of Avalor on Disney Channel this Friday, July 22!

5. Elena of Avalor Facts: Ballgown, Designed by Layana Aguilar

5. Elena's beautiful ballgown was designed by a fellow Latina

The gorgeous red ballgown that viewers will see Elena wear was designed by Project Runway All Stars' alum Layana Aguilar. Born and raised in Brazil, Aguilar is known to create styles that incorporates her native Brazilian culture.

6. Elena of Avalor Facts: Guest Stars

6. Elena of Avalor will feature many iconic guest stars

Disney Princess Elena's series will included the voices of many beloved and well-known Hollywood stars including Jaime Camil, Constance Marie, Danny Trejo, Ivonne Coll, Lou Diamond Phillips and Ana Ortiz.

7. Elena of Avalor Facts: Elena of Avalor Merchandise

7. There's going to be tons of Elena merchandise

From an Elena of Avalor book to dolls to backpacks, your child will be able to get their Elena fix in more ways than one. We've already got our eye some items!

8. Elena of Avalor Facts: Elena at Disney Parks

8. Elena is joining the other Disney Princesses at Disney parks

You'll have the chance to meet and snap a pic with Elena at Walt Disney World Resort this summer and Disneyland Resort in the fall.