'El Chavo' Toys Hitting the US

Did you grow up watching El Chavo del Ocho? Now, you can taste sweet nostalgia again with a new line of toys centered on the beloved title figure from the Mexican sitcom (and his friends).

Toymaker JAKKS Pacific, Inc. recently announced that it’s launching a new line of El Chavo toys, set to be available at major retailers by mid-August 2013.

The line, meant for El Chavo fans 3 years of age or older, will be available for sale everywhere from Target to Walmart and Toys R Us.

The toys include action figures, dolls, plush, seasonal toys, and even novelty items that, according to the written statement by JAKKS Pacific, Inc., “celebrate the world of ‘El Chavo.’” The prices for the toys range from $4.99 to $19.99.

Among the many toys is an 18-inch talking El Chavo doll, which says six signature phrases from the show, including ¡Eso, eso, eso...! (Thassit, thassit, thassit!) and our all-tie fave, “Bueno, pero no se enoje (All riiiiiightieee, no need to get angry…). There is even a 28-piece domino set that comes in a colorful El Chavo tin box.