Are Eiza Gonzalez & Liam Hemsworth Over?

"I'm like a book. Apparently a boring one. Easy to toss to the side. You don't notice if it's there or not, but once you open it, you notice, page by page, that I hide a secret, that I'm not like you thought and that I am much better than those who are trying to bring me down. I have magic, I have imagination, I am full of inspiration and full of riddles, I am a mystery but you don't know it because I am that type of book nobody reads."

According to E! News, Hemsworth was seen out in an Atlanta bar last week with an unidentified woman who had black hair, even though he and Gonzalez were spending time together before he made his way to Georgia.

What do you think? Do you think the Hunger Games star dumped Gonzalez and the Instagram post was her message to him?