Daily Chisme: Eddie Cibrian's Wife LeAnn Rimes Slams His Ex...Again!

Good morning gossip lovers! Grab your café and find out what we are buzzing about today:

- Eddie Cibrian sure has a passionate woman on his side! The latest chisme is that his wife LeAnn Rimes is slamming his ex Brandi Glanville for all of the negative tweets about the country singer not being a fit step-mom.

She said to Entertainment Tonight that the drama is a "very one-sided war . . .The transparency is what's being used to actually continue her career with that tweet. That's the transparency for me. Sorry, if you want to be real honest, I'll be honest."

That sounds pretty accurate to us, but can they end this 'war' for the sake of the kids?

Selena Gomez dumped her usual glam look for the cover of Nylon, where she's seen rocking an over-sized jersey and bikini top. We are diggin' the look! Eat your heart out Biebs! What do you think?

- Pobrecita Demi Lovato! Word is that the pop singer is sick with strep throat, but is continuing to record her new album. We hope she feels better so she can hit the music studio with full force!