Daily Chisme: Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes' New Mansion Makes Ex Want to "Throw Up"

Happy Friday chisme lovers! Find out what we are buzzing about below:

- Eddie Cibrian’s love triangle is sure making headlines! The Cuban actor has been vacationing in his new mansion with wife LeAnn Rimes and two children from his previous marriage in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. His ex-wife Brandi Glanville doesn’t seem too thrilled about their quality time or new luxury pad.

“Ok I'm super excited my kids are moving into a mansion,” she tweeted yesterday. Adding, “but I want to throw up in my mouth and swallow it -- having to keep hearing about it.”

Seems like all of LeAnn’s tweets about loving her life didn’t rub Brandi the right way. The country singer tweeted earlier, “Goooood Morning from Cabo!!!! Hope you all have a great day!” She also posted, “Oh the b*llsh*t! Laughing.”

 These people need a Twitter intervention ASAP! What are your thoughts?

 - Mariah Carey experienced a technical failure during a New Year’s Eve performance in Australia, but that didn’t stop her! Apparently she couldn’t hear herself sing through her earpiece, which made her start free-styling the lyrics. “These might not be the best lyrics I ever wrote, but whatcha gonna do? I'm in a dress that's a little bit small and little bit big and my shoes my shoes my shoes,” she sang. Nice call Mimi!

- Random fact – if you do a Google image search on “boy toy” you will end up with several pictures of J.Lo's boyfriend Casper Smart! No, seriously. Try it! Our Christina Aguilera search inspired this one!