Drunken Driver is Mad for Mimi

It's no secret Mariah Carey has turned into one hot little traffic-stopper, but now the diva has started inspiring some serious road rage. Perez Hilton reports that Zachary Alan Schreiber of Golden Gate, Florida got into a verbal sparring match at an intersection with fellow driver William Greenman, when Greenman shouted a derogatory comment at Schreiber for blasting one of Mariah's ballads from the stereo. A shouting match ensued, followed by Schrieber lobbing a beer bottle into Greenman's car. No word on what song Schreiber was listening to at the time of the incident.

Schreiber was later arrested for launching a missile into a moving vehicle. Yowza! Way to stand up for your woman, Zachary! Nick, how you gonna top that?