LOL: Drake's 'Views' Gets the Latino Meme Treatment

It’s Drizzy season! Drake is taking over the Internet with the release of his latest, Views, (initially known as Views from the 6) last night. More importantly, just a few days before its release the Internet blessed us with Drake’s Views, a meme generator of his latest album cover, where you can place little Aubrey anywhere your devilish mind desires.

Here are a few hilarious Latino-inspired ones that will have you LOL'ing:

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1. Views from the Platanos

Views from the Platanos: We all know the conspiracy of Dominican Drake. 

2. Views from Machu Picchu


Views from Machu Picchu #viewsfromthe6 #drizzy #drake #jesustalks #IncanDrake #views

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Views from Machu Picchu: Drizzy is down with the Incas. 

3. Views from the Chiva Bus

Views from the Chiva Bus: Mini Drake on a Colombian party bus looks like an epic night. 

4. Views from J. Lo

Views from J. Lo: Who wouldn’t enjoy being on Jennifer Lopez’s hip?

5. Views from the Chips


Views from the Chips #viewsfromthe6 #drizzy #drake #MexicanDrake #views

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Views from the Chips: Mexican Drake always eating all the guacamole and salsa. 

6. Views from the Bodega


Views from the Bodega. This is too much fun. #viewsfromthe6 #drizzy #DominicanDrake #drake #views

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Views from the Bodega: Nuyorican Drake running numbers in the backroom!

7. Views from the Beans


Views from the Beans #viewsfromthe6 #drizzy #drake #beans #goya #views

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Views from the Beans: He’s about to drop gems and kids at the pool.