Don Omar Breaks Youtube Record, Already Divorced from Jackie Guerrido?

Jackie Guerrido may have already washed her hands of hubby Don Omar. Reports are surfacing that the long-suffering duo are already divorced, after months of public Twitter feuding and Univision studio rampages.

Guerrido made the divorce announcement on Univision's Despierta América, saying, "¡Ay! ¡Ya era hora!" ["Ay, it was time already!"]

"Me siento súper feliz," Guerrido continued. "Siempre he dicho que una persona que dependa de otra para ser feliz pierde su esencia. Siempre he estado con mis hijos alcanzando mis metas con mi familia." ["I feel really happy. I've always said that someone who depends on others for their happiness loses their essence. I've always been with my sons, reaching for my goals with my family."]

But not everyone is so eager to get rid of Don Omar. The reggaeton singer recently broke a Guinness World Record for the Spanish-language Youtube video with the most views. His "Danza Kuduro" video has more than 100 million views and counting, proving that even if Jackie doesn't love him anymore, his fans obviously still do!