Does Sofia Vergara Exaggerate Her Accent?

We love Sofia Vergara, but every now and then, it gets a little under our skin how she seems to embrace some stereotypes about us Latinas. Don't get us wrong, we love being sexy and love our families and are protective of our children, much the way her character Gloria Pritchett does on the ABC hit Modern Family.

One of the points of contention surrounding Vergara's character is her strong accent. Vergara has made a joke about her accent before, telling Ellen Degeneres, "I've been here for 16 years but I can't get rid of my accent. I've tried but I'm too old!" Vergara then continues, explaining her sons frustration, "My son goes from English to Spanish like it's nothing. He's 19, he speaks perfect English he's amazing. He says I'm the only person in the world whose accent gets worse and worse the longer I'm here." Well, Sofia, Manolo just might have a point there!

Check out Sofia in this Bally's commercial from 1998 and tell us: