Does Britney Spears' Former Body Guard Have Illicit Nude Pics of the Pop Star?

Last September, Fernando Flores, a former bodyguard of Britney Spears, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the pop singer, claiming that she made “repeated unwanted sexual advances” toward him during his brief tenure as her bodyguard. 

At the time, Flores was seeking damages from Spears and from his former employer, Advanced Security Concepts Corp. Among his claims were that Spears exposed herself to him, that she summoned him to her bedroom while she was naked, and that he witnessed her engage in inappropriate conduct around her sons and once borrowed his belt to discipline them. Spears has denied all accusations.

Now, Flores is claiming that he has the pictures to prove that his allegations are true.

According to the London Son, Flores says Spears sent him x-rated photos last April,  including "a few where she is naked."

"They are really explicit images that will likely shock and disgust the majority of her fans," a friend of Flores, 29, told the paper. "Fernando can prove the pictures were taken on her cell phone and sent to his mobile."

When Flores, an ex-cop, first brought up charges against Spears last year, a statement on Spears' website read, "This lawsuit is another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself."