Do Madonna and A-Rod Have a Secret Love Shack?

We may have stumbled upon a new niche in the otherwise-crumbling New York real estate market: love nests for illicit affairs. Always the trendstetter, Madonna has reportedly had one for months—a pricey pad in the Time Warner Center she shares with Alex Rodriguez, just blocks from the Central Park West penthouse occupied by her kids and soon-to-be-ex husband, Guy Ritchie.

Fox News has confirmed that Madge has been "a frequent guest to the building," as has A-Rod, who may be living there now that his ex-wife Cynthia Rodriguez tossed him out of their shared apartment.

Rumor is that Madonna and A-Rod use the place to "meet and discuss Kabbalah." Discuss Kabbalah? Um, okay. Guess that's what we're calling it these days. All we need now is to get those walls to talk. Though we'd probably have to censor what they say!