New Study Shows Movies & TV Show With Diverse Cast Are Making the Most Money

New Study Shows Movies & TV Show With Diverse Cast Make More Money & Have Higher Ratings

A UCLA study is showing us what we already knew and it's that Hollywood needs more diversity. 

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For the third annual Hollywood Diversity Report, 163 Hollywood films from 2014 and 1,146 TV show airing or streaming during 2013-2014 were used to analyze whether or not having a diverse cast helps of hurts ratings and ticket sales, Remezcla reports. The study shows for films with 41-50 percent diversity performed the best in the box office while those with 10 percent minority or less only brought in $52.6 million while the rest racked in $122.2 million. 

For TV shows, the study is showing the same tune. People of color want to watch other people of color on the small screen. The shows with a cast of over 50 percent minority had the highest ratings. The sad part is there were only four shows that fit that criteria meaning that it's about time we start to see more diversity on our screens. When it comes to cable TV the study's numbers start to look a little crazy. According to the research, Latinos prefer to watch a show with 31-40 percent minorities while African Americans want to watch something with more than 50 percent diversity. 

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This study shows us that Hollywood needs to get with the program and start to add more diversity to their movies and shows!