Diego Boneta's Best Selfies Ever

Diego Boneta is one hot mexicano. The 23-year-old can act and sing — and we must admit — looks pretty good shirtless. Thankfully, he's happy to share his good looks with the world via his Instagram. Thank you Diego,  thank you. 

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1. diego selfie 01

On the 24th of September, Boneta captioned "Camera tests today. Shooting at the same place where Gladiator and Troy was filmed! Stoked!"

2. diego selfie 02

"Buenas noches locochonas!" Can we be that pillow, though?

3. diego selfie 03

We're loving the scruff! Boneta let us into his world of travels with this snapshot at Malta. 

4. diego selfie 04

"#VIVAMEXICO desde Malta!!!"

5. diego selfie 05

"Besos from Playa." We'll take a besito, Diego.

6. diego selfie 06

Diego was ready to take on the day in this post: "Let's crush this week! Besos."

7. diego selfie 07

So cute! Diego spends time with friend Karla Souza to celebrate her success. "Feliz por el éxito de mi amiga @karlasouzaofficial Nada me da más felicidad y orgullo que ver a mexicanos triunfando y llevando el nombre de nuestro país en alto! #vivamexico"

8. diego selfie 08

We're not really sure what's happening here, but we'd be happy to join.

9. diego selfie 09

Who doesn't love Beyonce? "My Sasha Fierce is out baby!!! On my way to the Queen Bee show."

10. diego selfie 10

Diego's got jokes. "Justin Bieber grew a beard and dyed it red... Jk! It's @itsmikemac @jordan_baum and we just wrote a killer song!"

11. diego selfie 11

"At the studio creating some magic baby... Can't wait to share my surprise with everyone!!"

12. diego selfie 12

"Celebrando a mi bro @jaimecamil con gran compañía @miggygala."

13. diego selfie 13

"Hoy me duermo con la verde. #vivamexico"

14. diego selfie 14

Proving once again how sharp he looks in a suit, Diego captioned this post: "#AFIAwards here we come!!!"

15. diego selfie 15

Off to the Latin Billboard Awards with his little bro Santiago — but first, a selfie. 

16. diego selfie 16

Good genes seem to run in the family! Posing with his hermano: "We woke up like dis @santiagogonzalez"

17. diego selfie 17

"All Saints state of mind @allsaintslive @as_global #BeverlyDrive #Attitude"

18. diego selfie 18

The man loves his momma! "Good to be home... Missed you SO much!!! @astridboneta"

19. diego selfie 19

Scary! "Before and after #summercampmovie"

20. diego selfie 20

"Getting ready to shoot #summercampmovie with @evarfontenla"

21. diego selfie 21

"Two weeks of night shoots... #summercampmovie"

22. diego selfie 22

"Me, guitar, bed... Something's missing." YOU GUYS, HE'S TALKING ABOUT ME... ER, US. 

23. diego selfie 23

"Who wants to be my sexy Valentine?" Annnnd the sound you hear is the collective beating of womens' hearts.

24. diego selfie 24

"Barcelona ahí vamos!!!! A empezar #SummerCampMovie" Side note: Diego, wear your glasses all the time, por favor.

25. diego selfie 25

This is Diego hosting a fan chat with Abercrombie. This is us clicking over to those Abercrombie photos.

26. diego selfie 26

"Mexico lindo y querido ya vamos para allá!!!"

27. diego selfie 27

"Grammy's here we come!!!"

28. diego selfie 28

So cute! Diego gets himself a little GF. "Ya tengo novia!"

29. diego selfie 29

"Besotes desde Paris!!!"

30. diego selfie 30

"Love the Paris metro." 

31. diego selfie 31

"Crepes in Saint Germain :)... @candicearav"

32. diego selfie 32

"We gettin' weird in big bear yo @nataliaboneta"

33. diego selfie 33

Silly sibling love: "Yep... It's going down in bear bear yo. @nataliaboneta"

34. diego selfie 34

Bonding time with his hermana shouldn't make us this jealous, right? "Cuddle time HOOO @nataliaboneta"

35. diego selfie 35

Beautiful! (Ahem, the scenery, we mean.) "Com uma paisagem desta...porque tão serio?"

36. diego selfie 36

"Pão de Açucar!!!!!"

37. diego selfie 37

"Um dia de Foga!!!!!"

38. diego selfie 38

"Just another day in paradise..." 

39. diego selfie 39

"Maracaná!!!!!!!! #Brasil #Rio"

40. diego selfie 41

Yep, he lost some of his locks. But we're not mad about it... click to the next slide to find out why. "That's happening. Haircut for #pelemovie I'm about to lose my mojo!!!"

41. diego selfie 40

Looking sharp! "Like the new haircut old sport? #pelemovie"

42. diego selfie 42

"Rio here we come!!! #brasil #pelemovie"

43. diego selfie 43

"#Brasil here I go!!! Muitos beijos pra las meninas mais guapas do mundo!!#pelemovie"

44. diego selfie 44

Heyyyyyyy Diego. "#nightshoots #buenosdias"

45. diego selfie 45

"Buenos días :)"

46. diego selfie 46

"I see you" — a little creepy, Boneta, but we'll forgive you this time. 

47. diego selfie 47

Um, so adorable: "Lunch date with Pepa"

48. diego selfie 48

"On my way to the #AlmaAwards. Thank you So much for the 200K!!! This made my day. Mil gracias por los 200K!!! Me hicieron el día :)"

49. diego selfie 49

Brotherly love! "Sushi night with da G @santiagogonzalez"

50. diego selfie 50

"Besos desde Sydney :)"