Diego Boneta's Hottest Moments!

How hot is Diego Boneta?

We've been obsessed with the Mexican actor since his days as a telenovela child actor. He's come a long way since those days, wowing us with his singing, dancing, and acting talents on TV, on stage and on the big screen.

Now, the Mexican has signed on to an exciting new project: the newest spokesmodel for Abercrombie & Fitch. The heartthrob bares (nearly) all in a sexy new campaign that'll leave you wanting more.

1. diego aandf

As the newest face of Abercrombie & Fitch, the Mexican actor joins an exclusive club of famous actors who have lent their faces (and hot bods) to the brand, including Colton Haynes, Jennifer Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher and more.

2. diego slide 01

The Underremployed star definitely looks employable (and kissable!) in this dapper suit.

3. diego slide 02

We're going to have to slip on a pair of shades as well. We're blinded by your sexiness, Diego! 

4. diego slide 13


5. diego slide 03

Oof. Those eyes....he's staring straight through our soul. 

6. diego slide 04

There are so many inappropriate jokes we could make right now...

7. diego slide 11

We're speechless. 

8. diego slide 10

Sun on his face...wind in his hair...and he's never looked hotter! 

9. diego slide 05

Oh, hey there. 

10. diego slide 06

We're diggin' the hot nerd look, Diego. 

11. diego slide 18

Ladies, you're welcome. This is what Diego Boneta looks like when he wakes up lying next to you. (We know from personal experience...obviously.)

12. diego slide 07

Diego posted this on his Instagram with the caption: "Lunch date with Pepa..." So cute!

13. diego slide 15

Marry me? 

14. diego slide 08

A+ for that beach bod! 

15. diego slide 09

So... *ahem*...why are you wearing a shirt? 

16. diego slide 12

Are you planning on visiting every tropical beach and taking a shirtless pic? Not that we're complaining...

17. diego slide 14

We love you without your shirt on...we love you in a suit! You always look sizzling, Diego! 

18. diego slide 16

Diego satisfied our fantasy for a sexy stockbroker in this photoshoot for GQ Magazine. 

19. diego slide 17

We actually get butterflies looking at this picture. 

20. diego slide 19

For some reason, the slicked back hair just does it for us. 

21. diego slide 20

Diego has perfected the sexy side smirk. Swoon. 

22. diego slide 21

No, no, no. There's just nothing hotter than a man who plays guitar and sings. 

23. diego slide 22

How cute does he look singing his heart out? 

24. diego slide 23

Admit it: you wish you were her.