Did Eva Mendes Diss J. Lo?

Oh. No. She. Didn't! Did she? We just picked up on a rumor buzzing around the blogosphere that Eva Mendes has been talking trash about her fellow Latina Jennifer Lopez. Eva is reportedly lashing out at comparisons between her and the superstar diva, insisting that she has a "more serious" career than Jennifer.

Eva supposedly said, "I would like to think I will have a more serious career than J. Lo. We may both be of Latin origin but that's where the comparisons stop. She manages her career like the head of a big corporation, whereas the only thing I care about is becoming the best actress possible."

If this is true, we sense a megasized smackdown between these two uber-Latinas. But, chances are, these are just more twisted, misconstrued, or entirely fabricated comments made up by tabloids, just like the ones claiming Eva has had sex in all 50 states (Eva, by the way, is suing the British paper that made that one up). Even more suspicious is the fact that the comments haven't been attributed to any one source.

Tell us what you think: Would Eva dare to diss J. Lo?