Despite Rumors, Cameron Diaz Is Sticking By Her Stylist

Cameron Diaz has dispatched her reps to deny another tabloid rumor, this time about her alleged displeasure with stylist-cum-TV personality, Rachel Zoe.

It all started when Page Six reported that Zoe, who previously styled Nicole Richie and is credited with minting many a starlet's signature boho-chic (and wafter thin) look, was flipping out at a pre-Oscar party upon hearing the news that she'd been fired by Debra Messing. The gossip rag says Zoe's A-list clientele does not appreciate the fact that their own stylist is craving the spotlight, and a source close to Diaz reportedly told them she's "irked that Zoe wants to be a star in her own right and is letting her attention slip."

Meanwhile, publicists on both sides contacted "StyleWatch" at lightning-speed to reject the story. “Rachel is still very much working with Debra and Cameron," asserted Zoe's rep, while Cam's publicist confirmed that her relationship with the stylist is "ongoing."

We say: Is one silly stylist who reportedly charges up to $6,000 a day really worth all this drama?