Denise Bidot Opens Up About Body Image Pressures in the Latina Community

Denise Bidot Opens Up About Body Image Pressures in the Latino Community
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Denise Bidot’s mantra may be "there’s no wrong way to be a woman," but growing up, la modela says she received plenty of messages on what it means to be a perfect Latina.

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In an article for Huffington Post Latino Voices, the half-Puerto Rican, half-Kuwaiti celeb opened up about beauty standards in the Latina community and how she’s trying to raise a body-positive child.

"We have to be super sexy but we have to be super classy. We have to have our curves in all the right places and have our red lipstick on and our heels on and be the perfect mother," Bidot said. "I think there’s so much pressure as a Latin woman to be perfect, and none of us are perfect in any which way or form."

The 29-year-old fashion model said that, despite these messages being communicated to her through family and the media, she never chose to believe them.

To Bidot, the most beautiful woman in the world was her mother. But mama, who the model describes as curvy, didn’t agree. According to Bidot, it was through watching her mami’s body image and self-esteem struggles upfront that she realized she didn’t want to "lose my life dwelling over" size and weight.

The Boricua beauty is trying to instill her #bopo message to her own hija, who’s 7 years old.

"Kids are a direct reflection of you. I feel beautiful therefore she feels beautiful," Bidot told the news site. "I think I try to keep the conversation open and keep breaking boundaries and keep pushing for diversity in all aspects of the entertainment industry because that is what kids are seeing."

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