Demi Lovato: "When You Punch Someone, Enough is Enough"

Demi Lovato shared intimate details about the emotional rollercoaster she has ridden on during the past year and a half.  In an exclusive interview with Elle Magazine, the former Disney star spoke about being bullied as a child and the incident that helped push her to rehab.

Demi Lovato Thanks Fans from Rehab

Lovato, who was admitted into a Chicago-area rehabilitation center last fall for issues that ranged from cutting to eating disorders, told the magazine that she began her anorexic and bulimic behaviors at 9 years old.  She said she was bullied at the time, which forced her to switch to homeschooling.  “Those girls never gave me an explanation for why they were bullying me,” the 18-year-old said.  “One of the words they called me was fat.  At that age, you think, Oh, so I don’t have friends because I’m fat.” 

CONFIRMED: Demi Lovato Leaves ‘Sonny With a Chance’

Lovato, who left her hit Disney show Sonny with a Chance this past April, said she began cutting herself when she was 11.  When light scabs on Lovato’s wrists were captured during a 2008 red carpet event, the singer/actress issued a statement saying the marks were from tight gummy bracelets.

It was a plane ride to Peru last October that signaled the star’s rock bottom.  Lovato, who said she felt betrayed by Alex Welch, one of her backup dancers, walked up to her during their flight and hit her.  Welch later brought on a suit, which has since been reportedly settled by Lovato’s attorneys.  That day was a final red flag for Lovato.  “When you punch someone on a plane, enough is enough,” she said.  “Right after, I texted my mom and just said, ‘I’m sorry.’”  Lovato rejected rumors speculating that she neared the edge over her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas dating someone new.  She said it was more than that.  “I wouldn’t credit my meltdown to a guy,” she said.  “There was so much other stuff in my life.”

LISTEN: Demi Lovato Sings “Skyscraper” in Spanish!

Since being released from rehab earlier this year, Lovato has made a strong comeback with her first single, emotionally-drenched “Skyscraper.  The song, which is off her upcoming new album, was met with raving reviews and a comfy seat in the number one spot on iTunes.  Lovato shared how she felt as she recorded the song in Los Angeles’ Studio City.  “I doubled over, tears streaming down my face,” she said.  “It was a sight to see.”

Demi Lovato Premieres Music Video for “Skyscraper”