Demi Lovato Talks to Ellen DeGeneres About Mean Girls

Demi Lovato may be one of the cool kids now, but she wasn't always so lucky. The Disney star was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, talking about the mean girls she had to endure in middle school, and why they drove her to home schooling.

"I never really understood why [I was being bullied] until looking back," she says, adding that as a working actress she was an easy target for jealous kids. "I had a different lifestyle then everyone else."

Even though she's officially a teen queen now, Demi can't seem to forget the torture of her early years, and she wants to use her experiences to help other girls who suffer under bullies. "I want to help with bullying," she says. "Because there are girls who can't just up and home-school and focus on their career."

Ellen DeGeneres, who claims to have dealt with her fair share of teasing both as a child and an adult, commiserated. "Bullying is "just so horrible ..." she said to Demi. "And somebody has to stop it. It goes on in schools for a lot of different reasons. That's really a shame."

Um, whatever happened to just sucking it up? We know kids can be cruel, but isn't learning to deal with bullies a pretty vital part of growing up? Maybe this is why celebrities are such wusses when it comes to adult bullies like paparazzi and pesky journalists...