Demi Lovato Dishes On Past Struggles: "I Am An Open Book"

Demi Lovato attends the UFC 175 event
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Demi Lovato came clean about her struggles with drugs, eating disorders, and self-harm in a candid interview with the Daily Mail's Yes magazine.

"When you are no longer hiding anything, you don't worry about what is going to get out," she told the magazine"I don't care who knows about my life, and now that I am an open book, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

Lovato, 21, has spoken in the past about her stint in rehab and struggles with substance abuse. Last year, she shocked fans  when she admitted to doing cocaine on airplanes. "I would smuggle it on and just wait until everyone in first class fell asleep, and then I would sneak into the bathroom," she said. 

She told Daily Mail that her drug addictions began at an early age. She began taking prescription medication after a car accident, and she immediately liked the feeling. "They sort of numbed everything -- and I also liked the sneakiness of taking extra pills out of my mom's bag without her knowing," she said. The problems escalated from there.

"I was making a bunch of money and when my parents would get on me for drinking and staying out, I would say, 'I pay the bills, so what are you going to do?' I was riding this wave of entitlement and superiority and they were in an impossible position because there's no manual that explains how to deal with the sort of teenager I was," she said.

At 18-years-old, Lovato reached her breaking point and entered rehab. There, she faced her demons, and discovered something shocking: she had bipolar disorder.

Since then, the star has been on the slow-but-steady road to recovery. She now monitors her food intake daily, and even opted out of a 21st birthday bash to spent several weeks building a village school in Kenya. The star even attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly. "It's being able to do that that makes me feel normal in this world that is not normal at all," she said. 

We love that Demi is so open about her past! What are your thoughts on her latest interview?