Demi Lovato Talks Addiction: I Would "Smuggle" Cocaine Onto Airplanes

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Her mother, Dianna Hart DeLaGarza, says that she suspected her daughter was using drugs, but didn’t want to believe she was lying. 


“It’s like any other parent, when you see things, when you see signs you don’t want to believe that’s what actually going on," DeLaGarza said. "So, when they’re telling you that’s not what is going want too badly to believe them and I think for a long time I was in denial."


DeLaGarza said she never saw her daughter using drugs, so she had no choice but to believe her. 


“I didn’t know. I didn’t actually see her, so when she said, ‘Oh no, there’s nothing going on. I’m not using. I’m not drinking. I wasn’t doing any of these things,' Why was I not to believe her?” her mother asked.


Unfortunately, Lovato's battles didn't end with substance abuse. As a child and teenager, she also struggled with a dangerous eating disorder.

Read about Demi’s eating disorder on page 4 >>>


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