Demi Lovato Talks About Her "Greater Purpose" in Life

Demi Lovato believes she has a greater purpose in life than being a singer. In a recent interview with AOL Music, the 18-year-old actress/singer spoke about her career and personal struggle with emotional and physical issues. "I feel like my purpose on earth is much greater than just being a singer, a musician or actress,” said Lovato, who spent several months being treated for bi-polar disorder at a Chicago-area rehab center last year

Demi Lovato Premieres Music Video for ‘Skyscraper’

Lovato says God blessed her with her big voice so that she could touch the lives of others. “I think it’s to reach out to people and to raise awareness of these issues that not many people speak about," she says.

Lovato's new song, "Skyscraper" (which we are obsessed with!), hit #1 on Itunes earlier this month, and the singer has now announced that Sept 20th will mark the release of her third album. “It is very, very soon!” she said.  “I’m very excited!” So are we!

Demi Lovato is ‘Going There’ on New Album