Does Demi Lovato Have a New Novia?

Instagram/Demi Lovato

Fans were sad to see Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato end their six-year relationship, but it looks like Demi has found a new flex. 

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A Lovatic spotted the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer while she was hanging out with Mickey and Minnie in Disneyland last weekend.

But Demi wasn’t solo. She was holding hands with DJ/producer hottie Lauren Abedini. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that Demi and Lauren, who runs a PwrKittens (a non-profit DJ workshop for women that raises money for women's shelters) have officially made the new couple’s list, but that didn’t stop itchy Twitter fingers from jumping to conclusions.

Peep how Twitter reacted to this new situation.


Here’s what we do know: Not too long ago, Demi told British comedian and TV host Alan Carr that she didn’t “think there was anything wrong with experimentation.” And tongues were wagging about Demi's “Cool For The Summer,” lyrics which included this sexual innuendo: “Got a taste for the cherry/I just need a bite.”

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And, let’s not forget that last year she told People magazine that she didn’t think her sexuality needed a label, that it was more about “a connection with someone.”

Guess we'll just have to wait, along with the Lovatics, for Demi to give us an update on her love life.

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