Demi Lovato & Perez Hilton Go At It on Twitter Over Mariah Carey

Demi Lovato & Perez Hilton Get Into Insane Twitter Beef Over Mariah Carey

Demi Lovato had some choice words for Perez Hilton

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The two exchanged some not-so-nice tweets after Lovato called Hilton on Twitter. 

"@PerezHilton do something with your life," she tweeted and has since deleted. 

A fan tweeted asking what happened between the two and that's when the Gossip blogger decided to try and let Lovato have it. 

Lovato proceeded to respond but has since deleted her tweet where she calls into question what Hilton told her in their Instagram direct messages. 

"Likes show up in verified notifications. I check shit when I'm bored. Right now, I am bored. Problem?," she tweeted. 

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The "Confident" singer has never been Hilton's biggest fan but this might have been a bit extreme.