Demi Lovato On Miley Cyrus: "I Didn't Twerk, I Just Went To Rehab"

Demi Lovato thinks America needs to take it easy on former Disney stars like herself, and especially, Miley Cyrus.

“I think that the worlds needs to get over the fact that she was Hannah Montana when she was 16,” The X Factor judge told Katie Couric during an interview. “I guess my transition was a little easier because I went straight to rehab. I didn’t twerk, I just went to rehab.”

According to US Weekly, the actress and singer went to rehab in October 2010 for physical and emotional issues. Later, she revealed she suffered from self-injury, self-medicating, bulimia, and bi-polar disorder.

Now, the 21-year-old singer is using her experience to give advice to her friends.

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