Demi Lovato: I Was Suicidal at Age 7

How beautiful does our girl Demi Lovato look on the cover of Cosmopolitan?

The 20-year-old star, who will be celebrating her 21st birthday this summer, has been through a lot in her short years. From her struggles with bulimia and cutting to the recent death of her biological father, Lovato has transformed herself into one tough little Latina.

Lovato is Cosmo's August 2013 cover girl, and she told the magazine all about her dark days during her time on Barney & Friends.

According to People, Lovato landed this first gig at the mere age of seven. And although things may have appeared to be perfect on the outside, they were far from it.

"At the time, I was just so grateful to be on TV, but I was also really struggling," Lovato told Cosmo. "Looking back, there was a connection, probably between any kid who's ever sang that song to Barney, a little place in a child's heart, a void, that could be filled. And maybe Barney fills it. Even before Barney, I was suicidal. I was 7."