Demi Lovato on Celebrity Rivalries: "Take the High Road"

Don't expect Demi Lovato to go the way of most Young Hollywood. The Disney star and musician is defying expectation with a new album called Don't Forget—“I think it will be more rock than pop and than what people expect,” she says—and a fresh attitude towards celebrity life.

The 16-year-old has toured with the Jonas Brothers, is BFF with fellow Disney star Selena Gomez, stars in her own movie (Camp Rock) and show (Mollygood), and has even sparked a rivalry with Miley Cyrus and her BFF, Mandy Jiroux. But instead of mocking her frenemy via YouTube videos, Demi has her own plan:

“Take the high road. I’ve learned that from the boys –- the Jonas Brothers -– and two wrongs don’t make a right. They really help me out with the things I’m going through.”

When faced with Hollywood's mean girls, Demi leans on her best friend Selena. “She’s honest, she’s loyal and she’s a good friend," Demi gushes. “We call each other on iChat every single minute of the day. In our free time, we watch movies -– movies is our big thing -– but we go bowling a lot, we just hang out at her house. We’re kind of losers on the weekends.”

Good for Demi for deciding to keep it real and down-to-earth. Between her and Jessica Simpson embracing a healthy new body image, we think normalcy might be a new trend in Hollywood. If it weren't for the antics of some other celebs, we chismosas might be out of a job!