Dating Shakira has been Good for Gerard Pique's Career!

FC Barcelona fans may be worried that their star defender Gerard Pique will be distracted by his high-profile relationship with Colombian superstar Shakira, but it's certainly not hurting his career outside of the sporting world.

The sexy futbol star is starring in the new ad campaign for Mango's menswear line, and he's looking mighty fine doing it. Pique was basically launched to international stardom when rumors that he was dating Shakira began to circulate. Before then, he was well known among soccer fanatics and in Spain, but not really anywhere else.

Now, Pique been getting more endorsement offers and is well known. How the couple feels about all the unwanted attention is pretty clear though. Shaki and Pique jetted off last weekend to Berlin to try to escape the prying lens of the paparazzi and almost managed to go undetected. We said almost! Check out the photos here and watch Pique's sexy photo shoot below: