The Real Question Is: Would YOU Do Ryan Lochte?

Cuban Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte has been facing a lot of criticism lately. His new reality show, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, isn’t going over so well with viewers. To top that off, some of his interviews have made him out to be, well, like not the brightest lightbulb in the room. All in all, the whole experience has made some of us question whether he’s a bit of a douchebag--and whether we’d date him anyway. 

After a long debate, and posing the very real question of “Would YOU do Ryan Lochte?”, we’ve decided that there are 5 very good reasons to date Ryan Lochte. And no, not all of them have to do with his epic inability to keep his shirt on (though that does help). Check out all of our excellent reasons, below, and then tell us: would you date a potential d-bag guy?

1. 5 Reasons to Date Ryan Lochte: He Looks Hot Shirtless

He looks HOT shirtless: Hey, we never said the #1 reason to date Ryan Lochte was an AMAZING one but, come on, how hot is he?! we loved all of his deliciously juicy, dripping wet photos. In fact, we’re fanning ourselves just thinking about that those abs, those shoulders, those abs...

2. 5 Reasons to Date Ryan Lochte: He Has An Olympic Gold Medal

He has an Olympic gold metal: Maybe it’s a bit materialistic but the man has a gold medal. Seriously, how many people can really say the same? Sure, he’s not the only one but we certainly wouldn’t kick a hot guy with a pretty impressive, ahem, accomplishment out of bed. 

3. 5 Reasons to Date Ryan Lochte: He Loves His Cuban Mami

He loves his Cuban mami: It’s no secret that Ryan is close with his Havana born-and-raised mom Ileana. Maybe he’s not the smartest cookie in the cookie jar and he has his fair share of critics, but his relationship with his mom is rock solid (just like his abs). And what girl doesn’t have a sweet spot for a guy who is good to mom? 

4. 5 Reasons to Date Ryan Lochte: He Eats Pretty Healthy

He eats pretty healthy: It’s not easy to keep a sexy bod but Ryan’s secret to it is that he gave up eating McDonald’s “pretty much every day” in order to prepare for the London Olympics. Instead of the candy and soda he loved, he’s now indulging in heart-healthy alternatives. Wearing grills aside, yes, a healthy heart and body is VERY sexy.

5. 5 Reasons to Date Ryan Lochte: He Has a Soft Spot for Animals

He has a soft spot for animals: Just how cute is this photo of Ryan with his 5-year-old Doberman pincher, Carter? The Cuban cutie is a total animal lover and doesn’t mind admitting that his pooch is “my best friend” and that “I just need to take him wherever I go and I’ll be set.” Seriously, that makes us go AWWWW!