From 'Machete' to Tacos, Danny Trejo is Opening a Restaurant!

Danny Trejo To Open Taco Joint In LA
Getty Images

Machete star Danny Trejo is taking his skills to the kitchen. The actor will open Trejos Tacos, a Mexican restaurant, in Los Angeles, reports NBC News. According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, they hope to offer L.A. “the best tacos and craft beer". 

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Ironically, the restaurant will open in a former Taco Bell location. Trejo’s joint will have an exterior Southwestern style, and the interior will include “blackened steel and blackened leather upholstery” to “create a vibe somewhere between hip urban taqueria and biker bar." In other words, the space will be Danny Trejo in restaurant form.

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Trejo even tweeted a message to get fans excited for his tacos. It definitely worked — we can’t wait to see if Trejo kills it in the kitchen like he does on screen!