Danny Trejo Speaks Up For Students After Racially Charged Brawl in LA School

Danny Trejo Speaks Up For Students After Racially Charged Brawl in LA School

Danny Trejo may be a fighter on the big screen, but in real life the actor is trying to stop the violence.

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On Wednesday, the "Machete" star attended a public safety meeting at Sylmar High School in Los Angeles, where a school brawl involving more than 40 students was recently captured on video.

During the meeting, Trejo called out school administrators for not giving the public, including frustrated students and parents, the opportunity to voice their feelings about the fight.

"You're not listening to them. They'll come up here and tell you," the Mexican-American actor said, as the crowd erupted in cheers. "That's who we should be talking to: parents and them.”

The public was later allowed to address officials, and one male student discussed safety issues on campus. “I don't feel safe at school! We have to walk around in groups at school because we don't feel safe," the teen said, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Trejo addressed another major school matter: racial tensions.

“There is a race problem. Your heads are in the sand,” Trejo fired at the school’s administrators, insisting, as many others have, that the brawl, which involved mostly Mexican-American and African-American students, was racially charged.

The police, however, have not commented on what started the fight. "As we review footage evidence, and interview others involved, we will decide what will happen going forward," Los Angeles School Police Department Chief Steve Zipperman told NBC.

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Trejo, a Los Angeles native and youth advocate, has no direct connection with Sylmar High School.