EXCLUSIVE: Danny Pino Talks 'Law & Order', Miami & Being Latino in Hollywood

It’s a great time to be a Latino in Hollywood. Where do you see things moving beyond 2013?

I’m incredibly proud of my heritage. Being Cuban-American and being Latino to me is an important part of my identity. While working on Law & Order: SVU there are several scenes when I throw in some Spanish into my dialogue. The incredibly talented Raul Esparza, who is also a Cuban-American from Miami, and I have an episode coming up where we have an entire scene in Spanish. It’s not going to be just Spanish—but Cuban Spanish, which was exciting for us working on network television where such a thing is rare to see. I think it speaks to how multicultural television wants to become and needs to become. So I’m hoping [the scene] will bode well [with audiences].”

New episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit air Wednesday nights on NBC.