EXCLUSIVE: Danny Pino Talks 'Law & Order', Miami & Being Latino in Hollywood

As part of the campaign, there is an online docu-series called, “Quantum Heroes” that really brings to light the importance of first responders. Why is this element so important?

The videos are an extremely important part of what Duracell is trying to do. They are shedding light on the real-life heroism and bravery of first responders who go out every day and do this anonymously.  I have to admit; when I first saw it a few days ago I got a little emotional. Being a father and a brother of a first responder, it’s visceral to watch these videos. By showing this to people, I feel that they will be able to appreciate what these men and women do every day.

Even though you’re a big Hollywood star now, you’ve never forgotten about your roots. What are some of your favorite memories of Miami?

The first thing to pop into my head as you asked me about my memories from growing up here is the Orange Bowl. Even though it isn’t around anymore, I remember going there to watch the Miami Dolphins play and how crazy it was to find parking there! It was an experience to have to go behind buildings and houses through narrow alleys as your side mirrors scratch on the side. But as you walked out, you could smell the arroz con pollo and frijoles negros being cooked by the people who were taking the money for parking in their backyards. It was all part of that community feeling you find in Miami. This always has been and always will be home to me.

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