Dania Ramirez Talks Pregnancy and Twins: "I get the perfect couple!"

Ramirez also seems to have a flair for the dramatics. She announced the sex at her baby shower...and used over 100 live butterflies to spread the news! 

“My friend had this great idea to get these butterflies and release them as I told everyone what sex the babies were,” she said, “I know, it’s crazy. The butterflies are linked with nature, so it all symbolizes birth and life...They were in a box and when I opened it and the butterflies flew away, everyone could see that the lid of the box said, ‘Boy and girl.’” 

She said her family and friends all had amazing reactions to the news, “It was great. It was all my friends and all the girls from the cast -- we’re all really close -- and everybody was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s perfect!’ It was great.” 

The actress may have taken advice from her friends about the reveal...but she’s not accepting suggestions for the name. “I don’t want anyone’s opinion,” she said.

The Devious Maids cast, many of whom are also mothers, have been especially helpful, giving Ramirez advice and tips on motherhood. “All of them are great mothers,” she said, “They’re really supportive...They all sent me notes of things I might want to be aware of.”

The soon-to-be mamá, who's due in January, said she can't help but feel excited about the birth: "I can't wait to meet them!"

Congrats to the future mom! We can't wait to see what she names the twins!