The Dangerous Side of Fame: 5 Latina Celebs Who Have Been Hacked and Attacked

There’s a lot that’s great about being rich and famous (wealth, multiple homes, free swag, and invitations to exclusive parties). But there’s also a lot that isn’t great—like becoming the target of stalkers, hackers and kidnappers. And with the news today that Mexican star Selena Gomez was granted a restraining order against a man who allegedly planned to kill her, we got to thinking about other Latina celebs whose lives have been in danger...

We're glad all of our chicas are safe and sound! 

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1. Danger: Thalia

Thalia's sisters (Ernestina and Laura Zapata)

It was like the plot of one of her telenovelas—only it wasn't. In September of 2002, kidnappers target the family members of Mexican star, ThaliaErnestina Sodi and soap star Laura Zapata—two of Thalia’s four sisters—were kidnapped on the street in Mexico while they were coming out a play. While Laura was released a week later, Ernestina was held captive for at least a month before she was released, unharmed. A friend of Thalia's family, Shanik Berman, told the press the kidnappers had requested a $1 million dollar ransom. 

2. Danger: Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera

The singer’s ex-husband Trinidad Marin—who is currently facing a minimum of 31 years in jail for molesting two young girls—allegedly molested Jenni’s daughter Chiquis when she was just eight years old. Reportedly, Marin was also abusive towards Jenni.


3. Danger: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba 

Recently, a Florida man hacked into Mexican actress Jessica Alba’s cell phone and leaked not only the star’s text messages, but also her private photos. Last week, the man—who reportedly did it for the thrill of it—was arrested. 

4. Danger: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes 

In June, a Long Island man who claimed to be engaged to Cuban actress Eva Mendes, was ordered to keep his distance from the star for three years. John Luna, 39, who was described in Mendes’ court filing as a transient who traveled from his home in Melville, L.I., to California to stalk and terrorize her, did not oppose the request for the restraining order.

5. Danger: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez 

After having her email account hacked earlier this year, and receiving death threats from Justin Bieber fans via Twitter, Selena Gomez obtained a restraining order last week against a 46-year-old man who allegedly planned to kill her based on conversations he had with God. The restraining order against one Thomas Brodnicki was greanted by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge William Stewart, who ordered Brodnicki to stay at least 100 yards away from Gomez, her parents and an assistant. In court documents, Gomez said she feared Brodnicki “will harm them in his attempts to see me or to harm or kill me.” A doctor who treated Brodnicki in a hospital said he "presented a serious danger of violence" to Gomez. 



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