Daisy Fuentes in a Love Triangle?

Gaby Bo, the ex-wife of Mexican pop singer Christian Castro claims
Daisy Fuentes was behind some of their marital problems. She told
Escandalo TV that she caught her then husband chatting up Daisy at a Los
Angeles mall. When she approached him, he continued his misbehavior, telling the
Cuban American beauty that he loved her and she was really important to him.
Gaby slapped her husband in front of Daisy and eventually they divorced as
Christian became more and more of a scumbag. Nothing shocking there, but how did
Daisy Fuentes get into this mix? It seems so random.
Not to mention that we can’t really picture a bunch of semi-celebs having
flirtatious rendezvous at the mall like a bunch of high-school students. Could
the bitter ex be making this up?