EXCLUSIVE: Daisy Fuentes Talks Her Clothing Line, Television Career, and What Comes Next

Cuban-American Daisy Fuentes is much more than a pretty face. 

The spunky 46-year-old host of La Voz Kids first broke barriers as the first Latina VJ on MTV. Since then, she's made herself a household name and launched a successful fashion line with Kohl’s, a line of haircare products called Luxhair Wow, and a Wii workout game

The successful cubana celebrated the 10th anniversary of her clothing line at New York Fashion Week, and we caught up with her to discuss her spring collection, the future of her television career, and her Latina influences. Read more: 

Tell us about your spring collection.

The inspiration is Malibu. I have a place there. I love the vibe, and it’s a place where I go to shut down. There’s a barefoot luxury that really inspired us, and we ran with that. My favorite part of the collection are the colors that have every aspect of the sea and the beach. There’s a lot of whites, a lot of sand colors, and a lot of different types of blue. They just remind me of the beach and the summer. A lot of flowy and sexy pieces. There’s a lot of jumpsuits and maxi dresses. 

Are we going to be seeing any Latin influences?

There’s always Latin influences because it’s at the core of who I am. That’s the part that I don’t even think about. It’s just always there. 

As a Latina, you’ve broken down a lot of barriers in your career. So, what comes next?

Who knows? I’ve always let life surprise me, and it’s an amazing path. An amazing journey. I think it continues. I continue to be surprised by the opportunities that come my way. I’m at a time in my life when I thought I’d be slowing down and getting ready to retire, and I seem to be getting busier, which I welcome. I’m having fun going along with it. But, I’m not a big planner. So, it’s not like I have some big dream or ambition that I haven’t achieved. I’ve already achieved more than I ever dreamed of. 

One of the judges of the show you hosted, La Voz Kids, Paulina Rubio, just made the jump to English language TV with the X Factor. Do you have any plans to return to English language TV? 

Well, you know it’s funny because before I got the Spanish show La Voz everyone was asking me when I was going to return to Spanish language TV. Now, I’m on Spanish television and everyone’s asking me when I’m going to return to English! Yes. I have a couple of things in development. It’s something I don’t feel I ever left, even though I didn’t have my own project. I was kind of in and out of many projects.  So I have no plans, but definitely a yearning. If you build it, they will come, right? 

You’ve been an inspiration to a lot of young Latina women. Who are your Latina role models? 

I think women who have always been in my life. There are some great business partners that I’ve had. My very first executive producer on MTV was a brilliant, strong Latina woman. She was the producer of a Latin show more than 20 years ago. That was groundbreaking. My mom. My sister. There are a lot of women in business as well that are now becoming faces in television, modeling, film, as well as in business and government. I feel that we’ve come a long way. When I first started, if you had asked me this question, I wouldn’t have been able to think of anybody. But today, the names and the faces and the industry and there are so many in every area, that it’s hard to pick one person that stands out. I feel we’ve all overcome a lot of obstacles. Every Latina that has made a name for herself in this country in any area, whether business or entertainment, deserves a hats-off.

Do you have any words of advice for young Latinas trying to achieve their dreams?

Just take the first step. It may seem a little overwhelming, but start small. Start in your community and town, and build from there.