Daily Chisme: Shakira Expected To Give Birth Today!

Good morning, chismosas! Ready for today's chisme? Of course you are.

-After throwing a virtual baby shower benefiting less privileged babies through UNICEF, Colombia superstar Shakira and her boo, FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué, are preparing to give birth to their baby in Spain today.

“This Tuesday our first son will be born,” Piqué posted on his Instagram according to the Associated Press.

Shakira and Piqué were hoping their baby would be born on Feb. 2, which is when they both celebrate their birthdays, but because of its lateness and large size, the birth will likely be a C-section performed today.

Sources close to the couple said that Shakira requested the birth team consist of women only, including her gynecologist Carlota Garcia-Valdecasas, and all who participate would have to sign a confidentiality agreement to avoid any leakage of information or photos.

Hmmm. We just wonder if that leaves Piqué out.

Stay tuned for the birth announcement and the much anticipated name...