Daily Chisme: Pitbull Fights Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit But Will He Win?

Happy Hump Day! Find out what we are buzzing about below:

- Pitbull may have gotten a Kodak endorsement for his mention in the hit single, “Give Me Everything,” but that wasn’t the case with his comedic verse, “So, I'm toptoein', to keep flowin', I got it locked up, like Lindsay Lohan.” The “Freaky Friday” actress wasn’t pleased with the tribute and filed a lawsuit again Mr. 305 for alleged “infringement of her publicity name.” Now the Cuban rapper and his defense team are fighting back and asked a federal judge to dismiss the case.

Pitbull argues that the First Amendment protects the lyrics in his songs. Documents of Pitbull's defense team states, "Sustaining Ms. Lohan's allegations would lead to absurd results: the use of a celebrity's name in any work of art -- such as a song, poem or painting -- would trigger liability." We think they have a good point. Do you think Pitbull has a chance of winning this case? Fill out the poll below!

- Paulina Rubio's divorce drama continues! The Mexican pop star filed a counter divorce suit against her soon-to-be ex-husband, Nicolas Vallejo-Najera. Despite Najera requesting spousal support, La Chica Dorada claims that she won’t be giving a cent to the Spanish Najera due to their prenuptial agreement. Smart girl! The paperwork states that the separation was due to “irreconcible differences” and also requests shared custody of their son Andrea Nicolas. As Kanye West would say, “Holla we want prenup!”

- Ricky Martin may be starring on the Broadway show Evita, but he always has time for his twin boys! The Puerto Rican pop star loves every single part of fatherhood and recently revealed that his 3-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo are polar opposites. Valentino loves to meditate (umm…ok!) and smell the flowers while Matteo likes taking charge. Sounds like all he needs is a daughter to add some flavor to the mix! What do you think?