Daily Chisme: Perez Hilton Tells Jessica Alba “Sorry I Was a Big Douche Bag” And More!

Need an extra shot of juicy gossip for your Tuesday morning? No worries, we have got it covered! Check out our chisme roundup below:

- Who can forget when Perez Hilton spawned the infamous rumor about Jessica Alba’s distaste towards being called Latina? The Mexican American actress was so offended by the news that she cleared up the chisme for our 2008 cover story in which she replied, “People are haters for no reason.” Now Perez Hilton is eating his words and apologized during an exclusive interview with the mami-of-two, “Sorry I was a big douche bag in the past.” We are glad they can put all that drama behind them! (Perez Hilton)

- Zoe Saldana may have showed up to the SAG Awards red carpet solo, but apparently things are still heating up between the Avatar star and Bradley Cooper! The two co-stars were recently seen kissing at a cocktail party for their new film The Words during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. One source says, “They are definitely very together.” We like the sound of that. (People)

- Did Simon Cowell fire Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, and host Steve Jones from the X-Factor? News hit Monday night that the three stars will not be returning for a second season. A show insider reveals that as the show’s creator, Cowell has reevaluated what went wrong in the first season of the talent competition and wants to get it right the second time around. Wow! We are glad he’s not our jefe right? (Hollywood Reporter)

- Ladies, we have another reason to get excited for the Super Bowl this Sunday! David Beckham will appear in his underwear during the second quarter of the game featuring the Patriots and Giants! H&M will premiere the first commercial of their underwear collection with the British hottie. Chips, dip, and David Beckham - what more can a girl ask for? (E Online!)